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Fiery API

The RESTful API exposes the EFI Fiery Harmony interface and establishes a secure bi-directional connection with your Fiery servers. Fiery API allows you to rapidly develop unique apps and tools for your specific needs on a variety of desktop or mobile platforms, including Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android, by using your development environment of choice.


Request job log data on your Fiery servers, such as the number of sheets used, media size, and media type for your custom accounting and supply tracking needs.

Job Management API lets you control job actions, such as process, print, and delete a specific job or all jobs on your Fiery servers.

Job Submission API allows you to submit jobs to your Fiery servers so that you can submit print files with a simple command.


Status API retrieves current statuses such as for printing and for errors, so that you can gather all of the printer's real-time reports with simple commands.

Job Preview API lets you access preview images of a processed job generated by your Fiery servers for custom apps and tools.


Fiery JDF

You can also use JDF in your development work. This industry-standard technology enables integration between different print applications and systems. With the industry certified Fiery JDF technology, your Print MIS, Web-to-print and prepress solutions can automatically communicate with your Fiery servers with the same job tickets and metadata, plus collect production data.

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